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Wednesday, April 6, 1994

Section: COAST & STATE



Jesse Boyce Holleman, a legal legend in his adoptive county of Harrison, said he

was actually feeling humble when colleagues paid tribute to him Tuesday with a

granite monument on the median of Boyce Holleman Boulevard, formerly 23rd



The monument near the Harrison County Courthouse marked Holleman's 50 years

of public service to the county and state. The 70-year-old Stone County native has

served as a state representative, district attorney and attorney for the Harrison

County Board of Supervisors. Holleman was instrumental in getting the new

Harrison County jail and Gulfport courthouse built.


In addition, he is a professional actor with movies and television shows to his credit, a

bridge player who has matched skills with Omar Sharif, a raconteur extraordinaire

and a mentor to young attorneys who have gone on to distinguished careers of their



Colleagues and old friends gathered with Holleman's three sons, grandchildren and

wife, Annie Louise, to see the monument unveiled.


Insurance executive John ``Shorty'' Snead said he thought the monument was

planned as a surprise until Holleman mentioned it a couple of weeks ago.


Recalled Snead: ``Boyce said, `Shorty, I hope that damn thing doesn't look like a

tombstone.' I didn't have the guts to tell him that is exactly what it was.'' The granite

marker from Barrineau-Beattie Monument Co. Inc. was paid for by admirers.




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