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Goldins are Acquitted Companies Found Guilty


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Friday, April 26, 1996

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Alice Jackson Baughn

The Sun Herald


Federal jurors Thursday acquitted four members of a prominent Gulfport family on

criminal charges stemming from a probe into their scrap-metal business, but found

their companies guilty.


The jury also acquitted a former business associate whom prosecutors also accused

of participating.


``We feel great,'' declared 70-year-old Jack Goldin, who was found innocent along

with sons Alan H. Goldin, 48, Martin C. Goldin, 42, and Steven L. Goldin, 36.


The elder Goldin wiped tears from his eyes and declined further comment. His wife,

their sons and other family members hugged and shook hands with the eight defense

attorneys who had represented the men and their companies.


The verdict meant that jurors rejected prosecutors' claims that the men concocted

and operated an elaborate scheme that short-changed their scrap-metal customers by

incorrectly weighing their loads.


Jurors found Goldin Industries, Inc. in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana guilty on

23 counts of racketeering acts, including mail fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud,

money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering.


Defense attorney Tim Holleman said the guilty verdicts meant that jurors held the

companies responsible for the actions of former employees who had testified that

they participated in the scheme.


``It was a very fair verdict because we had admitted in the trial that some of our

employees did wrong,'' said defense attorney Boyce Holleman. ``We contend that

we didn't tell them to do it.''


Holleman said a hearing will be scheduled ``to determine how much should be paid

back from what the employees took.''


The government said that $900,000 was taken from Goldin customers from 1987 to





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