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Settle Your Divorce with Help from an Experienced Division of Property Attorney in Biloxi

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The ending of a marriage is a trying event for all parties involved. If you are emotionally distraught, handling issues like spousal support and property division can be especially difficult. Boyce Holleman & Associates provides exceptional legal guidance to spouses facing divorce in Mississippi. We realize that your primary concern is to settle your differences with your spouse and move on with your life as quickly as possible. Let us take care of the legal legwork of your case so you can focus on your future.

Our property division services

When a couple seeks a divorce, one of the issues that must be dealt with is how the marital property will be divided. If you and your spouse cannot resolve this issue on your own, then you must rely on the court's help.

Our family law attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients with the following property division matters:

  • Division of assets: According to Mississippi law, marital assets are subject to equitable distribution. Both spouses are presumed to be equal and to be entitled to an equal share of the assets accumulated during a marriage. If there is likely to be a fight over assets; confusion about stock options, 401(k) accounts, retirement benefits, IRA, pension, or real estate, or if there is a business that needs to be divided, a skilled division of property attorney at our Biloxi firm can stand by your side.
  • Nonmarital assets: Inherited assets or assets owned prior to the marriage still belong to the owner. Often, however, nonmarital assets have been commingled or maintained using marital assets. Distinguishing marital from nonmarital assets can be complex.
  • Hidden assets: If one spouse fails to disclose certain marital assets, our law firm uses experts such as CPAs to determine whether such assets exist, where they are located and what they are worth.

At our firm, we are proud of our reputation for being aggressive, experienced and skilled in all aspects of divorce and family law. As a family-run firm, we understand what is at stake in your divorce case and we are prepared to go the extra mile to help you obtain a fair resolution.

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Since 1950, Boyce Holleman & Associates has worked diligently to represent family-law and divorce clients in Mississippi. To schedule a free consultation with one of our dedicated lawyers, contact us 24/7 by phone at 228-863-3142 or via our convenient online form. We have flexible office hours, readily available parking and are located near public transportation.

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