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Understanding Alimony in Mississippi: What You Need to Know

In Mississippi, alimony, otherwise known as spousal support, can be awarded by the court if the need for financial support is proven. The spouse must be able to provide such support and the one requesting alimony must prove that their income does not cover their basic needs. In addition, a Mississippi court may award alimony… Read More »

Do Juvenile Offenders Require Easier to Understand Miranda Rights?

No matter what your age, everyone in America has the right to remain silent and speak with a lawyer when arrested. It’s been over 50 years since the Miranda rights were extended to juveniles in the 1964 case In re Gault. Even with these protections, many juvenile advocates say it’s hard to find a juvenile… Read More »

Determining Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident

Identifying the responsible party in a two-vehicle collision can be challenging enough, so imagine when three, four, five or more are involved in a chain reaction. Approximately one-third of all car accidents are these multi-vehicle pileups, according to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These accidents can be more deadly, result in greater injury… Read More »

Mississippi Adoption Laws: Covering the Basics

While adoption can be a joyful experience for the adopted child and the new parents, it is important to understand how the law affects the process. Because adoption laws can vary from state to state, here is a brief summary of the basics of adoption law in the state of Mississippi. What Is Adoption? Adoption… Read More »

Grandparent Visitation in Mississippi

Grandparents often play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. Figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show that in 2006, of the 5.7 million grandparents who were living with their grandchildren, 42 percent were the primary caregivers. In recognition of the special relationship between a grandparent and grandchild, the Mississippi legislature has given… Read More »

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is the term used to describe a range of injuries to the neck. It is caused by a sudden movement of the head, which damages the tendons, ligaments and muscles in the neck. Auto accidents are a common cause of whiplash injuries, particularly rear-end collisions. Even a low-speed collision can cause whiplash injuries. In… Read More »

Alimony in Mississippi

Alimony is spousal support given by one spouse to the other and is often an important component of a divorce settlement. Although a primary purpose of alimony is to preserve the parties’ economic status, even when both parties to the divorce are independently wealthy, one party may seek an alimony award. For example, according to… Read More »

Avoiding Truck Accidents

As a car driver, you face numerous perils on the road, not least from other road users. Trucks represent a significant hazard. The size of a truck relative to a car means that in a collision, the car is likely to fare far worse than the truck. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration,… Read More »


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